Apetsitter4u Inc has enjoyed steady growth over the last five years. We are an established business serving most of Howard County. We have many loyal clients and are providing intakes for new clients weekly. We are currently advertising for new clients and for more petsitters. If you are already doing this type of work or think that you would like to become a sitter, please get in touch with Mandy (see home page). The hours are flexible and the pay is good, however, each petsitter is required to work at least one weekend per month and one major holiday per year.

Our goal is to have two petsitters familiar with each client's situation so time off is readily available when requested. That is how we work together as a team to bring the very best service to our customers on a consistent basis. Apetsitter4u Inc clients do not need to have a backup sitter because we are always available.

The applicant must have the following qualifications:

    First and foremost the application must be a proven person of compassion:
      a pet lover who is able to leash walk dogs and handle a variety of pets in
      various circumstances
    References to this effect are required
    Submit to a background check and psychological testing
    Reliable transportation
    Driver's license
    Auto insurance
    Access to the Internet
    Cell Phone
    Excellent communication, organizational and map skills

In order to be able to perform the following tasks:

    30 minute in-home pet care visits
    Leash walks
    Backyard let out and play times
    Feeding, water, treats
    Medications, oral and topical
    Litter box scooping
    Cleaning of pet areas
    Retrieving mail, newspapers and packages
    Watering of plants, indoor and outdoor
    Meeting with clients
    Following client directions
    Leaving notes to assure the visit was completed according to the client's
      instructions and to provide basic information to the client about the pet's
      progress and behavior
    Responsible for checking the online schedule and communicating eligibility
      and time off requests

Your compensation will be:

    75% of client's payment to Apetsitter4u Inc with a signed contractual
      agreement. Honesty bond and liability insurance is also provided.
      You can become eligible for a $50 credit towards your next booking.

Come and Join Us, You Will Be Glad That You Did!

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